Hello, my name is Dhaval Atul Patel. Firstly, I want to thank you for visiting my website! I am currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky on the tract for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I have been passionate about coding for 4+ years and have coded since my first website development class in 2019. I am an innovative thinker that loves to find unique solutions to problems. The beauty that I admire about Computer Science is the never-ending journey to knowledge; being extremely dilligent and hard-working I can't wait to achieve great accomplishments in this field.

  • Inatech Solution
    Programmed and managed SIP Trunks Servers for phone systems at motels, schools, doctors’ offices, and small businesses. Increased sales for security systems for homes, schools, and businesses by 10%. Responded to new customers and provided assistances with requests. Created and worked on Linux based programs to increase sales and offer new services
  • Ma Meladi Inc
    Maintained and operated the Ruby2 POS system to help owner increase sales by roughly 32% within 3 years. Also managed the inventory and kept track sales using Microsoft Excel and Elistars
  • Walmart Inc
    Worked on restocking the shelfs, renovating the department(whole store was undergoing renovations), and customer support/assistance.
  • Resident Advisor
    Fostered a positive community living experience within educational institutions. Skilled in promoting an inclusive environment, resolving conflicts, and providing guidance to support the personal and academic growth of residents. Demonstrated ability to build strong relationships and maintain open communication with diverse student populations.
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Indian Student Association
  • Intramural Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    University of Kentucky - Expected May 2026
  • Whitley County High School
    Williamsburg, KY - May 2022

My Skills





Ardunio Uno

Ruby2 POS


My Work

Automated Ping-Pong Ball Launcher

Developed the MATLAB code and machine vision to locate the target and launch the ping-pong ball into the target(operated with Ardunio). The launcher with the assist the machine vision resulted in a success launch rate of 98%.

Responsive Website (Personal Portfolio & Youtube MockUp)

HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop various websites that consisted of complex full-stack development.

Simulation of Card “War Game” & Two Player “Nim”

Used C++ to develop programs that would replicate the games “War” and “Nim” which consisted of vectors, arrays, and various data structures

Python Projects

Selenium webscraper to report the current stock price for any company the user enters. Used similar algorithm to report back definition of any word the user desired

Tic-Tac-Toe, PDF Merger, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Hangman

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